Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sail Away...

Well this week has disappeared into a blur of cleaning, packing, school runs and shopping, with a wee bit a crafting thrown in for good measure.

This 'nesting' thing seems to be all consuming me at the moment because i just cant stop thinking, planning, sorting and tidying!

However, we are also off for a long weekend on a house boat trip with family so hopefully in 24hrs time this will be my backyard

image via google

I am looking forward some boating, swimming, fishing and R&R as well as some enforced separation from organising the house - as i said, the nesting thing is kind of out of control!
If i send one more bag of toys or clothes to vinnies, i think my kids really will disown me.

So to finish off i just wanted to share (finally!) the finished project from my creative space a few weeks back. This cushion and bunny are (hopefully) receiving lots a warm cuddles and peaceful sleep!

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The Clip Cafe said...

Oh hope you had the best time! I LOVE your bunny and cushion, beautiful work.