Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Creative Space.....

Well the Easter break is over and its back to reality - back to school drop offs, bookwork, swimming, soccer, never-ending housework and LOTS and LOTS of camp washing. We had a wonderful break, the Easter bunny managed to find us in the middle of the bush! This is the view front our tent....

It was so beautifully relaxing and quiet out in the country, that it has us dreaming of escaping the suburban lifestyle for a tree-change to the country. Swap the city lights for green pastures, animals and country breeze? It's something that we've discussed but would we ever actually be brave enough to do? I don't know.... I'd love to hear your experiences

Anyway, I'm easing back into my creative space today and finishing off the last of these coffee cozies for the Mother's Day stall for school. Shop is open for business again here

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Over and Out....

Well its been busy here packing and stacking - we're off for a family Easter camping trip in the bush (@ 31 weeks?? I KNOW call me crazy!) ill be offline for about 6 days, as will the shop.

image via Google

So hopefully the Easter bunny will find us! I hope you all have a fabulous and chocolate-filled Easter...

image here

ill be back with some Mothers Day Specials after Easter!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Facebook Fever

Well i've succumbed to social media and JK Creations is now on Facebook! I think i now have a handle on how it works....

It seems the way to go with handmade, so if you fancy adding JK Creations to your 'likes', please pop over HERE all support would be appreciated!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Super Easy Easter Bunny Badge Tutorial

With easter holidays almost upon us i have been working on some little Easter gifts for Mister's school classmates and teacher. We all know how much chocolate kids get at Easter, so i wanted to do something 'non-chocolatey'. Easter bunny badges it is!

So here is a super easy tutorial for Easter Bunny badges - great for cute and inexpensive gifts or a great Easter activity to keep the kids occupied over the holidays...

So start with these materials:

  • Patterned cardstock of your choice
  • Plain cardstock
  • Craft glue
  • Brooch backings (cheap from spotlight)
  • A packet of small pom poms (i got mine from the cheap shop)
  • Bunny template (this one i got from an old BHG magazine issue)

Print out the template to the desired size, trace on to the back of the patterned paper and cardstock and cut out so you have two identical bunnies.

Then take the plain bunny (this is for the back of the badge), lay out the brooch backing and mark where you want the holes to be.

punch out the holes where you marked them

this is what you should have now - two bunnies, one patterned and one plain with holes for the brooch backing to go through.

now take to patterned bunny and glue a pom pom to the bottom of the bunny (tail)

with the plain bunny, push through each end of the brooch backing and clip it up.

Now just take the back piece and cover the back side of it with glue

Glue it to the back side of the patterned piece and let it dry.
You then have a easter bunny badge!

You then just need to find a willing model to show it off.....

times by 25 and you have cute easter gifts for the kids or bust out the glitter and felt and let the kids decorate their own!

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Creative Space.....

a bit happening in my creative space this week

finishing off the last lonesome little bunny who needed a last minute fix-up....

Off to lunch with my ladies on Sunday so im sewing up these

Which will be one of these fabric covered notebooks as part of some birthday gifts.... just hoping they don't check in here before then! :)

and finally if the little miss sleeps for long enough i'm hoping to finish off these coffee cozies for the Mother's Day stall at school, which have been sitting on the craft desk begging to be stitched closed and given a good iron.

A little ambitious perhaps to get all that done?? perhaps, but you have to try!

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