Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Creative Space.....

a bit happening in my creative space this week

finishing off the last lonesome little bunny who needed a last minute fix-up....

Off to lunch with my ladies on Sunday so im sewing up these

Which will be one of these fabric covered notebooks as part of some birthday gifts.... just hoping they don't check in here before then! :)

and finally if the little miss sleeps for long enough i'm hoping to finish off these coffee cozies for the Mother's Day stall at school, which have been sitting on the craft desk begging to be stitched closed and given a good iron.

A little ambitious perhaps to get all that done?? perhaps, but you have to try!

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Valerie said...

very pretty ! and so in the April mood ;)
and maybe more siblings on the way given all these lovely fabrics ?!

Kirsten said...

Is that an Amy Butler bunny I see? Beautiful fabrics in your creative space!