Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Creative Space.....

has me half-glancing in the direction of my sewing machine this week after feeling a little flat after the last minute frantic rush of the fete and market sewing.

Im happy to report that the fete was a wonderful success despite it being a SCORCHER of a day! Everyone was exhausted but happy! Ill hopefully have some pics to show soon.

I ordered some delicious new fabric while the US $ was high and it arrived sooner than expected. Nothing like some lovely new fabric to lift the spirits and get the sew-jo going!!

High US $, cheap shipping and big sales are a dangerous combination! Yes, i went a little nuts, so i'll have to put myself on a self-imposed fabric ban until further notice! Well at least i'll have some yummy fabric now to finish off my christmas sewing!

Now, which fabric to start with.......

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Kyla said...

oooh, lovely fabrics. and I'm totally stealing 'sew-jo'!
By the way, sent your broochlove via Seany as I realised when he was here the other day that I forgot to send it!