Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Creative Space.....

Wow, where did a week go?! At the moment it feels like the weeks are passing all too quickly.....

Due to rainy weather our school fete was postponed to this weekend which was good because it gave us a little more breathing room to get organised for the craft stall! So this week has been filled up with last minute projects, sorting out items that have been tossed in the fete box months ago. I will post some pics when i get them all sorted

But today my creative space looks like this

I am attending a baby shower on Sunday so today is filled with baby sewing - bibs, burping clothes, zippered pouches, booties, blankets, mobile & maybe a softie as well as embellishing these singlets and onsies. All to put in a nice big gift basket. Hoping to get it all done today - we'll see how THAT goes!

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Zinnia Pea said...

Oh the weeks are passing WAY too quickly for me too! Hope you got the shower basket finished. :)