Friday, August 6, 2010

Chenille love....

well the fete sewing continues and i just thought id post the end result of last week's my creative space.

the pattern called for chenille all over but decided to use a mix of cotton fabric and chenille just to use some different colours (and my supply of chenille is limited!) and also just trial to pattern. It was straight forward enough though i did have to get out the seam ripper when i realised that i forgot to leave an opening to stuff the arms..... whoops.

So id like you to meet ....


and Paige

How cute are there little faces?!
these ladies are headed off to the school fete craft stall that i've been madly sewing for .....

but i think im hooked!

i even managed to pick up a big scrap bag on ebay from this lovely lady who has the most incredible chenille collection. Thanks Selina!

hopefully there will be some more cute little faces popping up on here soon.

thanks for stopping by!


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Kelly said...

Aww they are so sweet, Love the names too!