Sunday, December 11, 2011


I know i know, its been a while! The good news is that my lack of posting is not due to lack of crafting - more to do with lack of time.

Every year just before christmas when my list of christmas sewing is still WAAAAAy longer than it should be, i swear i will start my christmas sewing earlier (like in January perhaps?!) but alas here i am with 2 weeks till Christmas and still with presents to sew.

So this is a little of what has been happening:

1. Hen's night invites
2. Wedding invites - it is Wedding season!
3. A framed gift for one of my best ladies..
4. A lamp and bunting set for a special little one year old!
5. A lamp/bag set as a christmas gift.

....and thats only one ones i actually remembered to take photos of!

Thanks for stopping by!


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