Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Creative Space.....

Just playing around in my creative space this week. It was my birthday on Tuesday and i was super spoilt and excited to get this new baby - a bit of a step up from the old compact point and shoot (though i did serve me well!)

And after bubs in born i have been booked into a photography course as the other part of my pressie! EEEK can't wait!! Look out, now i have this NO ONE is safe and the kids will be the ones to have 100 thousand piccies taken of them - and just wait till bubs is here! I'll have baby photos coming out of my ears.

But for now its just a bit of crafting going on. I ordered these delicious new fabrics to make some baby stuff, namely the all important nappy bag.

so here is a little sneaky peek at it which i am working on....

Hopefully ill be bringing you the finished bag soon so stay tuned! be sure to visit other my creative spaces.

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trudi@maudeandme said...

lovely choice of fabrics. Very envious!

Fiona said...

Love the new camera - you'll have so much fun with that! It's also fantastic that you've got some tuition to help you decipher what all those buttons do!! I found that so daunting when I got my first DSLR. I took a couple of courses and haven't looked back.

And your fabrics are great too! The two that you're using for your nappy bag are gorgeous - that's going to be the classiest nappy bag ever!!!