Monday, October 18, 2010

Princess for a Day....

This week little miss turned 3, and my how fast the time flies! You literally blink and they're growing up.

We had a small family party to mark the occasion but what sort of 3rd birthday would it be without a pretty party dress?! So we chose some fabric (PINK of course!) and i set to work .....
I was actually quite please with the outcome considering i had no pattern.

i must have done ok, because she was super excited to have a pretty dress to wear!

Complete with a 'pony cake' (again her choice). Now i am by NO means a cake decorator, i find it kind of frustrating because i can never get the icing right (it brings out my 'mely' side!)

Yet she loved it, though i suspect it wouldn't really matter what it looked like as long as there was ponies on top she was happy! A great day was had by all especially our little princess!

So i have been playing with ideas for some tutorials to put on here and i've decided to start with this dress. i drafted my own pattern and was wondering if anyone would be interested in trying it out. I will put it in a separate post if i have any takers?

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