Friday, May 21, 2010

Drrrrrrrrrrrrrum roll please......

wow i have been blown away by the lovely 196 super sweet comment that were left for me and now it time to announce the winners! Thanks so much for all your comments ive read each and every one of them and im going to try and get around to all of your blogs in the next few days to say hi and take a look around!

The thing i love about these giveaways is the chance to find new and gorgeously interesting new blogs to follow!! so thanks once again to all those who came to visit me and follow my blog, welcome!

so all 196 of you went into my 'virtual bowl'

and with the help of my youngest (who spent about 5 minutes rabbiting through all the bits of paper before she decided to pulled one out) we have a winner............

Congratulations to Cinnamon for Scarlette and Cinnamon and Sebastian too!!!!!

and for the runners- up prizes, the pink damask clutch goes to.....

Kelly from Mummy Makes!!!!

and the other runners-up prize (maroon and gold clutch) is heading to.....

ummm... that would be antmee upside down!

Congrats these three winners, an email is being sent your way to snail mail your new goodies!

i wish i was able to send you all some goodies, that's how much i enjoyed your sweet comments! I hope to see you all back here soon

Thanks for looking!



Cinnamon said...

Oh hooray! I'm so excited! I've never owned such a pretty clutch before and I can't what to wear the brooch to my sister in laws wedding. Yay, yay, yah! Thank you!

Kelly said...

YAY Im so excited too!! Thank you so much!!